behold; a man!

this is lotus he's a fuckin weirdo and he eats girls..,..,, he likes gardening and also drinking blood because he is a vampire. he is an avid enjoyer of his two best friends, [name] and lexi (alexander). he has had sex at least once. maybe. in the year of our lord 2024 (and before september) he is 20, but in the current timeline (dec 2020) he is 17. though he is forever physically 16. also he is canadian
attached is a photo of how i think he'd draw himself. it's similar to how i do but much more scratchy also i'd never draw his mouth in that shape

he appears!!

this is what he looks like i guess
he has Extremely Long black hair :3
he is veryy white (same girl)
hes got blue eyes idk why it js looks cool
also everyone in this universe has green blood
he wears the same sweater every day and different variations of black pants. he would never wear shorts.
sometimes if its very cold he may wear a scarf
the collar was a gift.